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Whether you are a long-time patient or new to our office, we would love to hear from you. If you’ve had an experience at Interventional Spine and Chronic Pain Management that you would like to share with us or with others, please feel free to contact us.

Our Testimonials

Dr. Ortiz has been an absolutely wonderful pain management physician. She has always been there for my pain management needs. I would highly recommend her to everyone in need of pain management—she is very empathetic.
James O.

Dr. Ortiz, her partners and staff are caring professionals and work in concert to make the patient experience exceptional. Dr. Ortiz listens to patient input, concerns and questions and combines that with her knowledge of cutting edge medical treatment, testing and pharmacological options to ensure a proper diagnosis and treatment. The result is a successful treatment plan that the patient understands and feels part of. Pain management is a journey. Dr. Ortiz guides you and continues to look at all options to ensure your best results along the way.
Ron D.

Dr. Welsh is far and away the best doctor I have ever met and nothing I can say really does justice to the man: He is hands-down the best medical doctor I have seen. He is extremely intelligent, a compassionate and caring person, and a truly outstanding doctor. Being in Law Enforcement for over 25 years now, I was referred to him 15 years ago after having back surgery for an on duty accident. I count myself truly lucky to have found him.At every visit, he makes you feel comfortable and relaxed, and truly cares for your well being. He takes the time needed to fully understand your concerns and explains what your options for treatment are. He helps you make educated decisions on your care. nFrequently, we spend time just chatting and catching up on any number of things. He is interested and is interesting; a good combination, trust me on this: you will like the man. The office staff is a projection of Dr. Welsh. They are all very attentive to your needs, personal and truly listen. They are courteous, very friendly and welcoming whether in person or on the phone.
Bruce Y.

I am a 75 year old female patient of Dr. Molumphy’s and have been seeing her for over 10 years. I have had three back surgeries and Dr. Molumphy has been there for me the whole time. She has guided me in decisions about different medications, injections {which lasted me 3 to 6 months), MRI’s, CAT scans, and even found my surgeon for me. She and her office staff are very professional yet very compassionate. I am glad that Dr. Molumphy is my doctor and recommend her if you are looking for a great doctor.
Carol T.

I can highly recommend Dr John Welsh for my knee pain and neck pain from a terrible skiing accident. He took the time to care for me in the best way possible with injections and medications. His website and staff are top notch.
Karla H.

Dr. Tina Molumphy has been my doctor for years. Dr. Molumphy always puts my needs as a patient first and is willing to go the extra mile. I have been very impressed with the compassionate care she provides and her dedication to finding the best treatment options for me. Dr. Molumphy is unwavering in her commitment to her patients. She is kind, caring and extremely competent. I highly recommend Dr. Molumphy.

Dr. Tina Molumphy is a rare breed of physician: she combines technical skills, mature wisdom in her judgment and a compassionate heart allowing her to get the optimum pain relief from patients. I should know; I am her patient as well as her colleague, a medical oncologist specializing in pain control. She has truly given me a life worth living after neurosurgeons did their part of the job relieving compressed lumbar nerve roots. I know that it takes more than good hands to help a patient heal. It requires the kind of physician who can understand what patients need as well as what medicine or surgery has to offer. Dr. Tina does all of that.
Dr. Buchholz, MD

Dr. Molumphy is a breath of fresh air in today’s mass volume medical care, she treats you like family.  She gave me professional care and helped me avoid surgery for my back problem.
Eric W.

For the past 10 years Dr. Welsh has been my Pain Management Physician. He has been providing treatment related to a spinal injury and degenerative spinal condition.

Dr. Welsh and his staff at the Office and Surgery Center are very knowledgeable, compassionate, polite and provide a very high level of service.

Dr. Welsh has taken appropriate time to diagnose my medical issues and has developed a course of successful treatment. Dr. Welsh does not hesitate to use appropriate diagnostic resources to make sure my course of treatment is on track.

For my particular course of treatment Dr. Welsh insists on followup office visits at a minimum of every three months. He provides a very thorough follow up interview and examination. He will spend as much time as necessary to complete the examination, explain my treatment and answer any questions. I never feel that I am being rushed.

On numerous occasions, I have used the Surgery Center for my spinal treatment procedures. The facility is very clean and extremely well organized. The staff is great, very caring, professional and compassionate. On every occasion the Surgery center has been on time with my scheduled treatment. When performing a procedure Dr. Welsh always makes sure I am comfortable with minimal discomfort.

I always recommend Dr. Welsh and the Surgery Center to my family, friends and coworkers for their Pain Management needs. I will continue to use Dr. Welsh as my Pain Management Physician for as long as necessary.
Walt L.


As a Director of Nursing, a patient advocate, and a wellness coach, one of my responsibilities is to ensure that residents under my care will not only avail the quality of care they deserve, but also to be respected with their choices and options for their entire wellbeing. When choosing a healthcare professional among the many options out there, it is our priority to choose a professional who values a patient as a whole person, not just a part of a job that needs to be accomplished. We also look for a doctor who gives a gift of time and explains their plan of care and treatments. I had the opportunity to meet Dr. Ortiz and Dr. John Welsh when one of my patients was referred to their office. Our wonderful experience started with a cheerful and efficient staff. Then, meeting all our goals and expectations with flying colors, after our first appointment made us feel that we are truly blessed to be in their care. After all the treatment was done, we put Dr. Ortiz and Dr. Welsh on our TOP Doctors’ list. Since then, I brought several patients and never had any moment that their quality of care has lessened. In fact, it gets better all the time. My profound gratitude to all of you for being there! Thank you.

Dr. Welsh has been my pain management specialist for 12 years. He is a superb doctor who can best be described as a patient advocate who goes out of his way to help his patients. He also has a great bedside manner. He has had to fight hard with my insurance company to get them to provide me with the proper medical coverage that I needed and he has done this willingly. Before treating with Dr. Welsh two previous doctors had incorrectly diagnosed my back problems. When Dr. Welsh was recommended to me he agreed to look at all my medical records free of charge before we had even met. When I met Dr. Welsh for the first time he correctly diagnosed my problem within the first 10 minutes and explained that I had a pinched nerve in my lower back. His office is a one stop shop. He and the other doctors in his office perform the necessary electro-diagnostic tests to determine the exact nature and location of your pain and Dr. Welsh himself does the lumbar and cervical epidurals. His efforts have kept me off the operating table for 14 years and has successfully managed my pain level. I am grateful to Dr. Welsh and his staff for their knowledge and for the professional treatment I have received from them. I highly recommend Dr. Welsh.
Bill B.

I have been a patient of Dr. John Welsh for over 5 years. John helped me get through a challenging health crises. During that time his professionalism and skill kept me feeling confident that I could get through it. He performed several procedures on me. During that trying time I never wavered in my faith in him, because his communication style and obvious caring made me feel that I was an active participant in my care. As a physician, it is very hard to switch roles and become a patient, but Dr. Welsh’s medical competence paired with his caring nature made the transition much easier. Thank you Dr. Welsh for your excellent care and compassion.
Dr. Mills, MD

I have been seeing Dr John Welsh for the past 10 years off and on for everything from shoulder, neck pain to my tennis elbow. I am so happy to have found him. He is so kind and caring always listening to my questions and concerns. I have had neck injections and trigger point injections. His staff are always pleasant and professional. Dr Welsh is a true professional in the Bay Area. I can highly recommend him for all your medical needs.
Kim A.

Dr. Molumphy came into my life at a very crucial time when I was having severe neck and lower back pain. She took a hands-on and personable interest in pursuing different options and in determining the best course of action. She was there whenever I needed her. I have seen many doctors in my life and she is clearly one of the best!!! Dr. Molumphy is a “real person”, responsive, compassionate and willing to listen. The epidural treatments on my neck have worked wonders!”
Robin & Gerry F.

Should you have any questions about Dr. John Welsh, I would be most happy to talk with anyone who is considering Dr. Welsh to be their treating physician.

Sandy F.

“After many years of suffering in pain, I finally found a doctor that worked with finding the perfect ‘cocktail’ of treatments needed to help me regain control!

Thanks Dr. Ortiz!”
Fernanda H.

“Dr. Vanessa Ortiz’ education, experience and compassion are incredible, but I especially rely on her full discussion of treatments. She listens!”
Shirley C.

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