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Post-Operative Pain Management Tips:

 Cervical Fusion

  1. Start ambulation as soon as you are cleared by your surgeon.
  2. Don’t let your pain get ahead of you.  Take your pain medication 30 minutes before therapy or exercise to allow you to move.  Talk to your doctor about appropriate medications for you.
  3. Use stool softeners to prevent constipation. Make sure you are having a daily bowel movement.
  4. Exercise:  Even if you can’t walk, you can exercise your upper body daily with light weights or theraband.
  5. Eat healthy!  You are at risk of weight gain while less active.  Avoid carbohydrates, eat LOTs of vegetables and avoid processed foods. NO SODA or other sugary drinks (even iced tea).
  6. Minimize your stress via mindfulness meditation, faith, support groups, or therapy with a chronic pain psychologist.
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